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Babson Code helps Babson students develop technological skill sets to match their entrepreneurial mindsets. Code is the go-to campus resource for anything and everything tech, and we're here to help guide you through the intersection of business and technology. We host a variety of events for our members during the school year including workshops, hosting guest speakers, networking events with companies, and peer-to-peer events within Codeplex, our living learning community. We are proud to say that all of our events are available to any Babson student and we do not charge our Codeplex residents any fees for being a part of the community!


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General Members

"Entrepreneurship is all about creating significant value in the world, and in our increasingly tech driven society, that means that the biggest world shifters and most promising ventures must leverage technology. CODE was established as a means to improve technology literacy on Babson's campus, and ensure that Babson can maintain it's entrepreneurial edge in the 21st century." - Eagle Wu, '19, Co-Founder of Babson CODE


Featured Startups



Jinn, LLC

Founded by Arpit Bansal, Arjun Bhatnagar, Gabe Ficht, and Waseem Shabout, Jinn is an on demand full service software development company.



Founded by Abe Storey, this app lets you read live text conversations among your friends.


Vinci VR

Founded by Eagle Wu, Vinci VR offers a full-service integration covering hardware setup, software development and distribution for Enterprise VR solutions.


Kolibri Business Solutions

Founded by Nick Bourdon, Kolibri offers custom website development, business consulting, and enterprise software consulting for small to medium sized businesses.