Hello World Accelerator

My name is Nicholas Bourdon and I am the President of Babson Code. Since 2015, Babson Code has grown significantly and has become a magnet for tech-savy business students to gather. After a lot of hard work we are proud to announce its new program, the Hello World Tech Accelerator!

The Vice President of Babson Code, Gabriella Bourdon, and myself have been working very hard to get it to this point. We are now looking for support to make it a lasting program at Babson College. Our Accelerator campaign is pushing to grow tech-entrepreneurship on campus, get more women in tech, and prepare Babson students for the tech world!

This Accelerator will prepare startups throughout the 12 week program to launch their idea & compete at the end of the program for funding! The Accelerator will have applications open in the Fall of 2017 and will start Spring of 2018.

Please support/share our mission in building this strong asset for the Babson community! Click our campaign link below to support our mission. 

If you would like access to our full business plan, please feel free to email Gabriella at gbourdon1@babson.edu or myself nbourdon1@babson.edu

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