CoDE COmmunity Service

The tech skills learned through Babson Code are not only infinitely beneficial to oneself and one's personal and professional toolkit, but they can also be used to benefit the greater good. Babson Code offers several ways to get involved with projects to help those in need (including our environment!)


Operation Code

Babson Code will be supporting Operation Code, a non-profit organization that helps veterans learn new skills and build their careers in technology. Their program offers software mentors, conference scholarships, and employment services. Babson Code will be raising money to support this organization through fundraisers.


Bread Run

Babson Code will be working with Bread Run in the Fall 2017 semester to provide technical support as their organization grows. Bread Run is a non-profit that raises funds to fight hunger through hosting competitive capture the flag-like games during which bets are made on who will win. 


Precious Plastic

This fall, Babson Code will be collaborating with the Babson Sustainability Club to bring a Precious Plastic recycling and re-purposing system to campus. We will be collecting waste-bound plastic and converting it to 3D printer spool, which will then be used to print assorted products.