About US

CODE (Community of Developers & Entrepreneurs) is the heart of tech and entrepreneurship at Babson College, the top entrepreneurial school. We are a living learning community in Van Winkle comprised of 21 residents. We are proud to say most of our residents are working on solving tough problems around the world they are passionate about through a startup.

We view technology as a tool to form disruptive companies that change the world. CODE is a platform to find co-founders, collaborate on ideas and learn more about technology and entrepreneurship as a whole. CODE also consults to technology startups through the Blank Center of entrepreneurship at Babson.


CODE packs each semester with notable tech entrepreneur speakers. This speakers speak about their challenges and common pitfalls to learn from. Students are able receive a master class from an industry leader at no cost while being able to pick on their brains. These speakers are often serial entrepreneurs who are well known around the country.

In this video we have Amy villeneuve. Amy Villeneuve is a tech executive, board director and advisor to technology startups. She was recruited to Run Kiva Systems in early 2010 when the company was struggling to hit its growth potential. 2 years later Kiva was bought by Amazon for $775 Million. Amy talked about her career, Kiva and perspectives from her work with startups.


CODE hosts a variety of workshops with partner companies. It allows students to learn on demand skills with real world projects under their belt. It allows them to launch their startup or find a job without a problem.

In this image we have Don Woodlock, head of HealthShare at Intersystems. Formerly he was CTO of GE’s now $19 Billion Healthcare Business with 54,000 employees.

CODE has also taught long term courses such as a python course.


Learning & Building Hackathons

Throughout the semester CODE hosts learning hackathons where students compete to learn a new language or skill and build a notable project for an specific amount of time. this fosters a competitive environment to learn while having each other for collaboration.

At the same time we hosts building hackathons where students get to intensely focus on a project for an specific amount of time alongside their peers. Through collaboration and ingenuity students are able to come up with amazing solutions to tough problems across industries.

Company Visits

To give students a better perspective to what is like to work in a tech startup or big tech company like Google CODE takes its residents to their headquarters.

Students are able to learn about the different roles in technology from the business side to the legal and tech side. It allows students to learn what the tech industry is up to and allows them to network with hiring managers.

Community Bonding

After all CODE is a family. We have bonding events such as barbeques, bonfires, late night talks that lead to action, and so much more. It is a community that fosters collaboration and brings out the intellect of its residents. We are a lifelong family helping each other along the way.

We attend hikes together, attend hackathons around the country, and so much more.

Come visit us and join the family :)